FELDER, David – Jeu de Tarot

PAREDES, Hilda – Señales

PAUSET, Brice – Vita Nova (with ensemble)

PETRASKEVICS, Janis – Fragile (with ensemble)

PLATZ, Robert – Nerv II + Echo (with ensemble)

REYNOLDS, Roger – Aspiration (with ensemble)

RICHTER DE VROE, Nicolas – Eraflures (with orchestra)

RICHTER DE VROE, Nicolas – TetrAAb IV (four soloists and orchestra)

RIHM, Wolfgang – Gesungene Zeit (with orchestra)

ROMERO, Alejandro – Euridice en la reconfiguracion de la memoria 

SCELSI, Giacinto – Anahit (with ensemble)

SCHMIDT, Christfried – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

SCIARRINO, Salvatore – Le Stagioni Artificiali (with ensemble)

SCHOENBERG, Arnold – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

SCHUMANN, Robert – Fantasia in D, Op.l31 (with orchestra)

SERKSNYTE, Raminta – Vortex (with ensemble)

TIENSUU, Jukka – Hou

WALLIN, Rolf – Under City Skin

XENAKIS, Iannis – Dox-Orkh (with orchestra)

YUASA, Joji – In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu (with orchestra)

FINNISSY, Michael – Above Earth’s Shadow (with ensemble)

FINSTERER, Mary – Constans (with ensemble)

FRANCESCONI, Luca – Riti Neurali (with ensemble)

FRANCESCONI, Luca – Body Electric (electric violin with ensemble)

GALVEZ-TARONCHER, Miguel – Llama de Amor Viva  (with orchestra)

GUBAIDULINA, Sofia – Offertorium (with orchestra)

HARVEY, Jonathan – Scena (with ensemble)

HOSOKAWA, Toshio – Landscape III (with orchestra)

HUBER, Klaus – Tempora (with orchestra)

HURTADO, Jose Luis – Stabiles III (with ensemble)

IMAI, Chicage – Vectorial Projection IV – Fireworks (with ensemble)

LENNERS, Claude – Wild Card (with orchestra)

LIEBERMANN, Rolf – Concertino (with chamber orchestra)

LIGETI, Gyorgy – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

LUTOSLAWSKI, Witold – Chain 2 (with orchestra)

LUTOSLAWSKI, Witold – Partita (with orchestra and obligato piano)

MADERNA, Bruno – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

MARCO, Tomas – Concerto Coral No.1 (with 2 choir groups)

MIRA, Rafael – Desde Tan Tien (with orchestra)

NONO, Luigi – Varianti

BELLON, Stefano – En Roscas de Cristal Serpiente Breve (with ensemble)

BERG, Alban – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

BERG, Alban – Chamber Concerto (violin, piano and 13 wind instruments)

BERIO, Luciano – Corale (with 2 horns and strings)

BOESMANS, Philippe – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

CARTER, Elliott – Violin Concerto (with orchestra)

DALLAPICOLLA, Luigi – Tartiniana Seconda Divertimento (with orchestra)

DILLON, James – Violin Concerto

DILLON, James – Vernal Showers (with ensemble)

DITTRICH, Paul-Heinz – Hohes Lied (with soprano solo and 16 solo voices)

DUSAPIN, Pascal – Quad (with 15 players)

DUTILLEUX, Henri – L’Arbre des Songes (with orchestra)

FELDER, David – Jeu de Tarot

FELDMAN, Morton – Violin and Orchestra

FERNEYHOUGH, Brian – Terrain (with ensemble)